How To Buy A Property With Profit Potential In California

by Natalie Higley 09/10/2018

Buying a home is a significant investment. With real estate prices climbing, it can be hard to see your property as an investment that you can make now in return for a profit later. There are a few key things you should look for in a California property in order to make your investment worth it from all aspects. 

Where The Property Is Located

Location is one of the most significant factors that allows a home’s value to increase. Some neighborhoods are always in demand. Other communities are in areas that are “up-and-coming.” Think of these aspects:

  • What schools are near the home
  • If many homes are for sale
  • The houses are larger than the norm

The school system often dictates what type of neighborhood you’re moving to. The better the school system, the more desirable the neighborhood is. 

If a lot of for sale signs are present on the streets around a home you’re looking at; it could be a bad sign. There could be a reason why many people are looking to get out of the neighborhood. 

There’s Potential

If you have found a great area, yet cannot afford a move-in ready home there, you’re in luck. If a home has the potential to be built up or modified, it will inevitably increase in value. The smallest house on the best street is worth more than the largest home on the worst road. You can always leave room for growth. 

Know That The Exterior Can Be Changed

While every buyer wants a home to look great on the outside, can you overlook it? If you’re looking for a home with potential in California, know that a home’s exterior is one of the most easily modified features. By making a home’s first impression better starting with the curb appeal, you’re increasing the value of the property. When you go to sell the property, it will be easier to sell at a higher profit. 

The only thing to be aware of when buying a property that looks less than desirable from the outside is the inside. You want to know that the previous owners kept up with vital maintenance tasks around the property like keeping up with appliances, the furnace, and plumbing.          

Interior Changes Are Simple

Even if the inside of a California home makes you want to run away, know that most internal changes can be easily done. Paint, tile, and deep cleaning can really change a home’s interior. You can fix the functionality of a home very quickly, but you can change its appearance fairly easily.  

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